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Biggest Search Engine Optimization Mistakes That Make You Dumb PDF Print E-mail

Seo has changed with number of tactics in last few years. But there were some mistakes which have been made by you. But it takes only few minutes to fix those mistakes and it makes you to get high traffic. In past few years it acts to be an important tool to get higher ranks and to be in top of Google. But after the arrival of Google algorithm it has been like Panda, Penguin and the Humming bird algorithm. And the mistakes of SEO can be fixed by you or by consulting SEO consultancy services in an efficient manner.

Do you want to about to know about those biggest mistakes of SEO?

Then we are here to say about the SEO mistakes that you make probably.

Duplicate Content:

Having a duplicate content in your blog is seems to be a dangerous one. Because it may destroy your blog by Google algorithm and it also act to be the biggest SEO mistake which were made often by some bloggers. A duplicate or a copy may not satisfy the readers and make lots of confusions among them. Hiring writers helps your blog to get unique and original content.

Not Using Analytics:

SEO is also about conversion. Even a lower traffic blog has also got first rank page for several times.  Always give importance to keywords. Many people were not able to get higher ranks because of such keywords. You can optimize this for searchers and earn a high profit.

Wrong Keyword Stuffing:

Keywords are the backbone of ranking in search engines. And it is very essential for website’s growth. Wrong keyword stuffing is the mistake which were made by many bloggers often. This stuffing has moderated by the Google algorithm. You have to spend lot of time to do research on keywords for your blog/website.

Usage of Meta Keywords:

Try to avoid Meta keywords on your blog. Because Meta keywords in your blog, is that showing your keyword secrets to your competitors. In some cases it may make you to lose your rank in SEO. In simple, it is waste of time to use Meta words in your blog/website.

No Proper Design:

A proper design helps you to get more profit. So spending money to get attractive images is a worthy expense. But many bloggers may not give importance to designs it is a biggest mistake in SEO. A good design helps you to have more new visitors, high traffic and quality backlinks to your blog.

Try to avoid these biggest mistakes of SEO and enjoy the higher ranks and better results on your blog.

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