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Onpage Search Engine Optimization Tips For Bloggers PDF Print E-mail

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the primary tool to drive high traffic from search engine on Google. And it also helps your blog to rank higher with the help of page titles, internal linking, Meta tag, Meta description etc. It makes your blog as a Search Engine Friendly.

A little effort on SEO leads you to get better results. As you all know articles are the king. So give importance to your blog to have a quality article.

On Page SEO Optimization Techniques

This article would help you to learn about the blog optimization and to achieve higher ranks in Google.

Low Competitive Keywords

Many bloggers always do mistakes on choosing keywords on blogs and posts. It shows that they are not doing research on keywords. If you choose a less competitive keyword will get higher rank in search engines than the blog which has high competitive keywords.

Update Your Posts Correctly

All the posts should be updated in a proper way to achieve higher ranks in search engines. Following are the simple tricks to post your updates correctly:

1. Keyword Research:

Do more and more research to select an attractive keyword. The keyword should be in a simple and unique manner. Don’t overuse your keyword on your page or else it may create bad impression among your visitors. And the title/heading should contain the main keyword.

2. Meta Description:

Meta Description should be unique and it should be speak about every single article on the blog/site. It helps your article to get more visitors.  It should be used in a right manner and on right time to get better results. And you can also include keywords for Meta Tags.

3. Multichannel Optimization:

Keywords are also used to extend the multi-channel platform to your blog. This multi-channel platform includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, TV, Newspaper etc. It is the easy method to attract the customers and to encourage the page ranks on SEO.

Optimize Your Images

Basically, an image speaks thousands of words more than a content. Attractive images should be posted on every article to have more visitors. All the images on blog should be unique and relevant to the blog. And be sure that the image includes keywords in its file name.

Following Are The Simple Tips To Use The Image Properly on Blog:

1. Alt Tags:

Alt Tags are those such as keywords, Description, Name of the images etc. It is the HTML tags which helps to use the images properly on blog.

2. Internal Linking:

Links plays an important role to every blog. It is one of the ways to improve your site and these links should be used properly. Links in social media accounts and on other website help you to attract more new visitors.

I hope today we have learned some tips on on-page optimization. Try to learn more details about SEO. Thank You

Happy blogging :-)

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