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Dedicated servers are the typical servers which posses dedicated resources that were assigned to the customers; they are the persons who would purchase dedicated hosting plan.  Dedicated hosting plan would provide a large number of data space and bandwidth for the customers. When we find the website traffic gets to its core amount the next step that we should do is to transfer it to a dedicated server, if we are not undergoing that task then we would exceed the bandwidth limit usage on the shared server.

The hosting service of our hosting account would automatically shut down if the site exceeds the bandwidth usage limit, at once we would get the messages displayed across the webpage that belong to out site such as  “bandwidth limit exceeded” or “account suspended”. It would create a very bad impression about our site among the visitors because when the visitors perform a search in the search engine and when they land at our website they could be able to view the default message, and then they will automatically think that we had closed our website so the message appears on the webpage.

Most of the visitors will be visiting the website for the first time, when they are visiting for the first time they should not get a bad impression on the website, because after that they would think that the company is unprofessional, and because of that only the hosting company suspends the account, In the addition to all these worst things the search engine will index the site of the persons hosting account which is suspended, the only way to prevent this is to quickly move the site to a larger server.

To put up a great end to these entire problem it is good to purchase a dedicated hosting plan, we can even start with a dedicated hosting at as low as $99 per month from the planet. It allows us to use up the entire resources in a dedicated server but it is little expensive, we should also have a very good control over the aspects of the server and domain which are not possible with a shared hosting plan, we would not view the default message displayed on the webpage anymore at once we subscribe to a dedicated hosting plan.

At once when we find that our website traffic volume is increasing rapidly it is best to transfer the site to a dedicated hosting server, so that we will not face any risk like getting our website suspended and also we will not loose our customers.  With the help of these dedicated servers our website would load in a good speed, a good dedicated server plan allows us to have a bandwidth of 100 MB per second, it means the dedicated hosting plan customers will be utilizing the full bandwidth limit, but the shared hosting server often loads slow when the large sites are hosted on it. The visitors will be very happy to navigate the website. Even they face the problem of slow page loading they will not be bothered about they will stay in the site for a longer hours, because of this the site traffic would increase significantly.

The increase in the traffic will obviously increase the conversion rate and the monthly revenue, the smart way for the beginners is to choose shared hosting, once they crossed shared hosting threshold, then there we have the VPS servers to take care of the needs arises and incase some of them will be pro and they would have hundreds of websites, then for them it is the dedicated server what they need.

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