Case Study

Let me tell you small stories that how we are apt to provide the best digital marketing training courses in Coimbatore.

A few months ago, we have got an inquiry from a passionate business entrepreneur. The business deals about the modern building materials.

The surprise fact is that the brand had good revenue with strong offline presence, till few months back.

The brand was so popular among the local people. Even the business owner is a big-league in the society and familiar.

The reason he called me is that he could see his potential leads started diminishing. Though, nothing changed in his business strategy. And, the team is helpless to examine. Hence, I am in to play the game, as a game changer.

My strong guess was, they might be nowhere in Google search results.

Yes, exactly. I was taking (roughly) few keywords related to their niche and Googled. They are invisible.

I told him candidly. This is not too late to invest in digital marketing. I understand you have a gut feeling that I have brought up their business with my strategic SEO services. But, I regret to deny it.

There is a Chinese proverb that ‘giving a man a fish is a feeding a day. Rather, teaching a man to fish is a feeding for lifetime’. I did so. I just teach them how to do promotions through digital channels. I educated them to take the powers of SEO and digital marketing to boost their business conversions.

And now, here are the proofs to show how visible that business online.

[BTS] – Keyword ranking screenshots.

How we made it? What we trained them to grow their organic keyword positions?

The answer is simple. Our digital marketing course syllabus is framed to educate you that extent. I will cover it up in the latter half section of this article.

Here is another story – actually it was a fun but I am glad. Why?

I got a call. From a working professional who was seeking for a best digital marketing training Coimbatore. He wanted to improve his career opportunities, and hence, decided to undergo a certified digital marketing course.

I had a brief discussion with him about my course features and benefits (listed below), and then especially about

What he is looking for.

  • Training from enthusiastic blogger and experts in the industry
  • Included free web designing training with WordPress
  • Flexible enough to schedule sessions based on his availability
  • One-to-one instructor-led guidance
  • Provided opportunities to learn from real projects
  • Free bonus tools that are worth to use it for your own sites
  • Extensive support and guidance even after course completion
  • Certified as a professional with real knowledge
  • One time investment that could pay you off lifetime

Done with the call. Probably, he is supposed to get back to me for further scheduling a free demo class and to take it further from there.

Soon after this, I got another call. I was hearing the same tone, same requirement and the same person was on call. I got a cheese smile as I understood what might have happened.

He realized that he spoke to me just before. Hence, he again went through the Google results again to check how this happens.

Surprisingly, among the ten results in the first page, we SGS and Traffic Crow occupy around 5 to 6 positions. He was casually clicking on the Google search results (one-by-one), he got for the keyword “digital marketing training Coimbatore”.


Hence, we are sure that we are the apt to transform your business to the newer heights.

There are many SEO and digital marketing training centres in Coimbatore. If you wish to do a course to know the modules in digital marketing, its definition, blah, blah, then don’t do research.

Randomly go with anything.

Alternatively, if you want to crack the secrets of your success, then it claims for it. If we could rank for thousands of potential keywords, then why can’t you, learning from us.

[Ahrefs keyword results]

I bet you might have crossed this screenshot, if you identified me through online.

Why other training centres couldn’t rank in the top of Google search engine results? Since, we are the real digital marketing players in Coimbatore.

We are familiar with the tricks to break the challenges. Here are the modules covered –

  •  Domain & Hosting
  •  WordPress Design
  •  SEO & SEM
  •  Local SEO
  •  Pay Per Click
  •  Content Marketing
  •  Email Marketing
  •  Social Media
  •  Video Marketing
  •  eCommnerce SEO
  •  Website Analytics

What Else I can Get joining this Course?

Once you are in, you are not alone. We aim to offer what’s the best we can. Despite others, we allow you to

  •  Work on most popular premium SEO tools.
  •  Get free access to a few premium themes and plug-ins
  •  Global certifications from the leading players
  •  SEO checklist to know what-to-do and what-not-to
  •  Blueprint prototype to grow any business from any point
  •  Extended support and assistance for free even after course tenure

Your state of mind at this point would be either one of the below

Enroll digital marketing training in SGS

Your decision is absolutely, great. Either you want to grow your business or learn SEO to shape your career, don’t wait. Others can overtake you by that time.

Put enrolment on hold

Why wait to enroll?

No business owners would like to wait for a while to promote its business. What’s the point in waiting? A right decision to take has no good or bad time.

Learn digital marketing on your own

Like what we did and how we learnt. But, it might take even years.

You will have to learn, try, test, fail and then again it repeats. You will achieve for sure. But, not sure about the attempts and the time you invest in.

Go for any agency services

You are the expertise in your niche than any SEO agencies. Another cliché, you have to pay them consistently. Rather train your internal team to get the lifetime benefits.

One-time investment. Enroll to us.

Worst case, nothing

I don’t want you to be idle making no potential decision. Don’t wait for the life or chance to come to you. You have to create the opportunities. Be a perfect decision maker and change the sphere.

Who Can Join our Digital Marketing Course?

# Business Owners

Learn modern marketing and grow your business towards its accomplishments.

# Students or Freshers

Build your career in SEO or digital marketing, explore your talents and make more money.

# Working Professionals

Move on to the trending marketing strategies, excel your potential and you deserve for appreciations.

# Web Designing agencies

Your job is not done with creating a website. Extend your services to promote the business website learning SEO and digital marketing.

# Marketing Freelancers

It’s time to grab more freelancing opportunities as high demands for digital marketing professionals are out there.

Have You Decided? Book your Free Demo Class.

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