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Though we are experts, it is hard to do specific tasks manually. Especially when we talk about SEO and digital marketing Resources, tools have a vital role in fetching your analytics, and much more. Here are the set of tools which we use and without which we can’t be excel in our stream of services.

#1 Google Analytics – It is free tools or services from Google that tracks and reports website traffic, user behavior and so on. This service offers you multiple features for data visualization, charts, and progress on your website performance. It’s very simple to get started with your Gmail account.

#2 WordPress – WordPress is the leading content management system that every web developers or designers would love to prefer. It has a repository of themes, plug-ins, and other accessories to build amazing websites that can transform your business to any extent.

#3 MailChimp – The premium email marketing software that has more advanced features to generate more leads through. The tool has a bank of default email templates that are impressive. Probably, it’s free version is more than enough for beginners. Also, it can easily be integrated with WordPress hassle-free.

#4 Canva – The ultimate graphics designing tool that allows you to access millions of photographs, videos, and fonts. Using it, we can make over our websites as we desire. It can feed to fulfill your hunger of designing and creativity.

#5 Moz – The preferable SEO tools by any experts to make SEO, online promotions, link building, and content marketing easier. Moz with its browser extension can get you instant data on your domain authority, spam level, link profile, etc.

#6 Ahrefs – The leading SEO tool that is best for exploring any domain data, keyword research, content marketing, and competitor analysis. Though it is a paid tool, it is worth to invest for any SEO agency or digital marketing professionals who deal with multiple client projects.

#7 SEMRush – To do strategic SEO, every online publisher must own SEMRush tool. The complete package tool that comes with multiple tools to boost your SEO and climb towards the success of your online promotions.

#8 Webmaster Tool – Google Webmaster Tools or Google Search Console to configure it to your site analyzing and fixing issues. Basically, it is a free service to evaluate and maintain your website’s performance in search engine results.

#9 BuzzSumo – A complete research and monitoring tool that can identify content that is trending in social media channels, know if any mentions about your brand, and so on. BuzzSumo would be a proficient tool for content marketing.

#10 Spyfu – Run through in-depth analysis of competitor’s PPC campaigns, SEO strategies, and optimize your efforts based on it.

#11 Grammarly – Must-to-have English proofreading tool that can assist you in correcting your spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, word usage and more to make your content error-free.

#12 Alexa Premium – Top SEO tool from Amazon to identify, reach and convert your target audience with actionable marketing efforts. It comprises all the tools that can help you to do SEO better.

#13 Woorank – The predominant website audit tool that analyzes your website and gets you results on every edge of SEO factors. You will also find detailed suggestions to understand the errors and fix it instantly.

#14 Animoto – The specialized video maker tool that can turn your photos and video clips into professional videos. Faster and simple-to-use tool for video content based business and YouTube marketers.

#15 Piktochart – The web-based infographics designers with which anybody can create impressive and well-formed infographics content. No graphic designing skills required. Use readily available templates, images, visuals, etc.

#16 Joomla – The open source content management system that is mobile-ready and user-friendly to build any website. Joomla is best to build media-rich sites and preferable for big websites like colleges, governmental sites, etc.

#17 Magento – The open-source content management for building e-commerce websites. Thousands of retailers and online store brands use Magento to empower their e-commerce platforms.

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