Digital Marketing Training FAQ

Digital Marketing Training FAQ

If you are at the edge of undergoing a digital marketing training course in Coimbatore, you might have these queries in common. These are the questions that most of the candidates ask us before enrolling to our digital marketing training Coimbatore.

1. I am into traditional marketing area, whether I could upgrade my profile doing this digital marketing course?

Of course, digital marketing training would be the best way to improve your career profile to take your profession next level and also to get paid more. As you are already in the marketing field, you know marketing tactics, basically. Hence, adapting to the digital marketing won’t be a peculiar one with computer knowledge.

2. Who can do this digital marketing training course?

Any individual wanted to build a career that is in high demand, or to promote own businesses online, to improve digital marketing skills as a working professional, can do this course to benefit in a way or either.

3. Why should I learn digital marketing?

Everything now becomes online. It includes from electronic gadgets to grocery to furniture to anything. Hence, there us a high demand for digital marketing professionals. No way, the industry is going to decline. If you could create an opportunity to learn that most-wanted one in future, then it is digital marketing, obviously.

4. What is the digital marketing course duration?

Our digital marketing course syllabus is framed to cover up in 30 – 40 working days (one hour a sessions). But, it is not mandatory to complete within the stipulated time. It can be extended, based on your grasping tendency and capability to follow. Ultimately, we wanted you to learn something from us that can benefit you legitimately.

5. Do you provide job assistance?

Though we are not guaranteeing any job placements for our candidates, but we could assist you. We have strong rapport among few clients. If we are intimated about the job openings over there, we will refer to you.

6. What are the certification you provide upon the completion of digital marketing course?

We ideally provide eight certifications against completion of our digital marketing training program. Among eight, three certifications like Google Adwords, Bing, and SEMRush are free. Rest will be issued on additional charges.

7. What are the payment modes available?

You can either pay online or cash in advance while enrolling to our digital marketing training course.

8. Whether I could be a digital marketing expert by completing this course?

No, we don’t want to get into any misconceptions. From our course, you can learn the fundamentals of every digital marketing module and strategy. Within short time, no one can be an expert on anything. Time and experience can make you a perfect digital marketer with the things you learned from us.

9. Should I bring laptop for the classes?

It is not compulsion to bring laptop for the training classes. If you find it better to practice more yourself in the center, then you may carry your laptop.

10. Do you provide any study materials?

Yes, of course. We do offer ebooks, informative content links, course agenda presentation, themes, plugins, study material to prepare for the tests, etc.

11. I have got a website? Do you help me to do SEO for it simultaneously?

We are glad to assist you in improving your own website parallel to every topic or module we uncover in a particular day session. That could a great practical experience to work on your property and to see results while completing the course.

12. I don’t have any programming skills? Whether I am eligible to do digital marketing or SEO courses?

Learning digital marketing does not claim for any hyper coding skills. Even with zero programming knowledge, you can learn digital marketing and apply the same in real-time. If more optimization is required, basic HTML and CSS knowledge can help you. But it is not mandatory.

13. I am not good at English? Do you also provide training in Tamil?

Obviously, we have training experts who are fluent in our local language, Tamil as well as in English. Hence, language won’t be a big deal. It can’t stop you learning digital marketing

14. Being a digital marketing professional already, I wanted to learn advanced? Do you have any course that suits me?

Yes, we do have customized course modules that uncover advanced modules specifically designed for specific individual needs. You may contact us for more details about it.

15. Minimum qualification or basic skills required to learn digital marketing?

Basic computer knowledge with a keen interest is sufficient to take your career in digital marketing field. Basic marketing, writing and coding skills are appreciable.

16. What kind of practical experience I could gain with this course?

During our digital marketing training, you will be exposed to practical sessions on various topics like on page SEO, link building, ad campaigns, social media groups, and much more. Also, you will be provided with opportunities to work on our client projects to gain real-time experience.

17. Right after the course completion, whether I could work on my business website to promote?

Why not? You can apply the skills and knowledge whatever you learned from us on your own business website. But, I would insist you to be consistent in learning online. Also, wait patiently to get the results.

18. Could I do freelance services with this course completion?

In digital marketing area, there are lots of freelancing opportunities available. Learn, work at home, and earn out of it. Each section of it like link building, social media management, generating digital signals, SEO, content writing, etc. gets you enough openings online.

19. I could get any support in future, if required any?

Yes, our team is dedicated to provide support and assistance even after course completion. In case of any doubts or clarifications in your real time projects, you may get our assistance. Join our private community to get assistance. Please make a note that we don’t offer support through any other means like WhatsApp, Hike or anything.

20. What if I want to complete my course within the scheduled duration?

Though we designed our syllabus for 30 hours, we could also complete before that, in special cases. Still, we don’t want to dump you with excessive information at a time. Hence, let’s have a in-person discussion about it and then let’s decide on this.

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