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What’s special about our digital marketing training program? There is no big difference lies in what we teach you. The actual uniqueness is about how we educate you. We have a skillful team of trainers who are real industry experts who worked on countless volume of projects and obtained handful of expertise in different streams of digital marketing. We feel great privilege to mention at least a single line about our trainers in terms of valuing or accrediting their dedication and knowledge.

Sathish Arumugam – Master Blogger & Pro Trainer

A professional blogger originally from Coimbatore who blogs on Traffic Crow and few other niche blogs. The factual participant in the blogosphere well connected with more expert bloggers and online publishers. With years of real-time experience cracked the SEO and digital marketing secret strategies that can help business to grow online.

Ram Kumar – Digital Marketing Analyst & Trainer

The fulltime digital marketing trainer, one of the pillars of SGS Mediasoft team in proving its training value. The trainer who can interact with candidates in a friendly manner and educate you to the core.

Saravanan – Marketing Analyst & Trainer

The part-time trainer expertise in polish his knowledge curve every day by teaching others. A self-learner who can upgrade himself to the latest upgrades in the industry. And, one can also take you to the new adventures of digital marketing.

Kavin Durairaj – Professional Blogger & Guest Trainer

The young individual with handful of experience in blogging and website optimization. The guest trainer who can educate you the checklist to enhance your site performance.

Gowrish – Growth Hacker & Corporate Trainer

The experienced trainer who has years of working experience on SEO and digital marketing for multinational clients. The real expert with real-time exposure and who can build your digital marketing foundation effectively. His area of specialization would be ranking any website in the top positions and teaching others how to optimize for it.

Anand – Marketing Analysis & Guest Trainer

Yet another expert from marketing sector who is a traditional marketer upgraded to digital marketing. He is excellent in content writing, and elaborating any modules of digital marketing or anything in a curated way for easy understanding.

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