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#1 Best Digital Marketing Interview Tips – Impressing Your Potential Employer, Decoded!

Let’s cut to the chase, we are doing an in-depth look at all the major digital marketing interview tips and tricks today – and here’s why; No matter how prepared you think you are, interviewing for a digital marketing job can still be a pretty daunting experience, especially if you are new to the industry.

There are buzzwords you are not familiar with, questions you don’t have a clear answer to, stage fright as well as a variety of other challenges. Yup, you know it’s bad when even the best Digital Marketing professionals admit that they feel nervousness when interviewing for a new job. To help you out, below we’ve listed 5 great tips that can help you beat the stress, prepare better and impress your potential DM employer;

Digital Marketing Interview Tips – First, The Basics

You already know this. Still, here’s a recap of the preparation fundamentals you need to master for a digital marketing interview, or any job interview for that matter.

  • Dress for the job – pick out an outfit that is clean and appropriate for the job level.
  • Don’t wear too much cologne (like, seriously)
  • Don’t go in blind. Learn all you can about the position and the company as a whole
  • Be early, or at least on time

Be polite, stay focused and keep your emotions in check. The interviewer is looking also for skills that are not on the paper. Show them you really mean business.

Digital Marketing Interview Tips – 5 Tips To Help You Land Your Dream Job

Feeling unsure about your job chances? Here are 5 tips to help you make a serious candidate for any digital marketing job;

#1 Create An Excellent, Interesting CV

A CV is more than just a piece of paper listing your details and achievements. It’s the centerpiece of your job-seeking pitch. Obviously, you need to get it A-okay First of all, you need to tailor your CV to specifically meet the position in question. A custom targeted CV will highlight your qualifications, skills, and achievements that are most relevant for the job you are seeking for.

Being so, it’ll help directly convey to the interviewer about your biggest strengths and why you are the best guy/gal for that job. A CV doesn’t just get you through the door, the content will also frame the questions and the “talk” you’ll be having with your interviewer. So, get it right – get it perfect.

#2 Research And Prepare For The Position

If you’ve done your research properly, you’ll demonstrate two major things to the employer:

  • your passion for the job and
  • your skill to research effectively online (this is crucial for a digital marketing position)

While in research mode for your interview, focus on three main things: how you can add value to the job in question, the brand details, what they are trying to achieve, and what they are doing online – check their Twitter feeds, YouTube channels, newsletters, etc… Make sure to write down important points down.

Then create suggestions and ideas to share on the interview day about how you could improve their digital marketing strategy. Doing so will not only let the interviewer know that you are the right person for the job, but also that you are willing to go the extra mile to best suit the company’s interests, culture, and goals.

#3 Keep The Jargon To A Minimum

While it may be tempting to drop a few killer buzzwords here and there to let them know about how well versed you’re in the industry, just don’t. Keep the jargon to a bare minimum. Don’t stray too far from the subject. Provide clear, concise answers in a tone that’s formal, polite, and easy to understand.

Don’t annoy the interviewer by relying on buzzwords & cool phrases Make sure to keep your mouth in check. Too much rambling is a sure-fire way to lose the interest of an interviewer, and therefore the job.

#4 Optimize Your Online Presence

According to studies, over 93% of employers use social networks like Twitter and Facebook to gauge and screen the participants before deciding whether to hire them or not. In this politically correct world, something like a poorly thought-out tweet from your teen years or a risqué Instagram picture is more than enough to cost your job. So, to avoid missing out on great opportunities, you need to first optimize your online persona so that it gives of a positive, professional vibe.

Start by filtering out your Twitter feed of any tweets that could affect your image. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date. Google yourself & see if anything negative pops-up. If yes, take measures to correct them before attending the interviews.

#5 Focus Not On Your Skills But On Experience

In the digital marketing space, experience is valued far more than just your skills. So, whenever possible, make sure to highlight your experience to the interviewer. Start with Reference letters and certifications. The more you have them, the better. It will show the interviewer that this is not your first rodeo, and you have what it take to meet challenges.

When asked about how you’d handle a problem (a classic interview trope), don’t just rattle out the solution, but also mention how you’ve solved a similar problem in the past.

Pro tip: when stating your past achievements, don’t be vague. Give exact specifics on figures, statistics, etc., as they are more likely to have an impact on the interviewer’s psyche.

Ok, Now You Are Ready For Your Digital Marketing Job Interview

Keep in mind that these 5 digital marketing tips are not exactly the Holy Grail for interview success; rather, it’s just a blueprint on what to do. Everything hinges on the way how you perform on the day. So, don’t go half-hearted with your preparation, and make sure to keep calm and confident.

The 5 tips we described above, if followed correctly, should give you a good edge against your competition – whether you’re looking for a new digital marketing job or are trying to move up the ladder. Have any doubts or concerns about preparing for a digital marketing job? Lets us know in the comments below and we’ll help.

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