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#1 Digital Marketing Statistics In India – Comprehensive 2022 Guide

Digital Marketing Statistics In India We live in a country where the internet is accessible to almost everyone. It is slowly transforming into a powerful marketing tool. The presence of the internet almost 24/7 has intensified the use of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. This has eventually increased the digital marketing Statistics in India. People are more interested to check almost anything and everything online.

Be it banking, making buying decisions, studying, and a lot more. The Internet has transformed itself into a full-fledged market space in a short span of time. Be it a small business or large business everyone can incorporate digital marketing growth statistics and increase their lead generation and revenue.

Digital Marketing Statistics In India

SEO is the biggest pillar of digital marketing. It not only helps the brand to get better visibility but also is an excellent tool to generate leads in the long run. When the SEO is on point, an online business can notice success in a short span of time.

SEO And Lead Generations Statistics In India

Digital marking is one of the best tools to increase lead generation, especially for B2B businesses. The qualified leads can be converted into sales which eventually will boost the return on investment.

Here are the best Digital Marketing Statistics in India for 2022.

  • The business saw a growth of a whopping 55%  in the lead generation. This eventually increases the landing page number to 15 from 10.
  • The email response rate has grown 10 times and 61% of business generated leads during the top challenge phase.
  • The sales opportunity has increased by 20%.
  • Companies using automated software saw an increase in their leads and 77%  of leads saw conversion as well.
  • With the right content marketing, 85% of B2B marketers generated quality leads.
  • The top priority is 68% of B2B professional’s quality lead.
  • Due to a lack of nurturing, almost 79% of lead conversion failed by the business.
  • Business saw a 451% increase in quality leads due to marketing automation software.
  • Marketers made use of a wide array of lead generation options including email, website, and search. The percentage is 67%, 60%, and 50% respectively.
  • The outsource lead generation saw a bump of 43% more rather than linking towards in-house lead generation.

Source: Omnicare | Statista

Statistics Of Digital Marketing In India

When we say digital marketing, web hosting plays a vital role. The internet is flooded with web hosting providers but the Digital Marketing Statistics in India says the online business looks only for reliable and cost-effective long-term solutions. Check out the popular trends of web hosting.

Web Hosting The web hosting provider is the backbone for all the online business, the type of web hosting also impacts majorly on the lead generation, and building brand value. A website with slow page loading is the last thing that a consumer wants to see online. Make sure to invest in the best type of hosting and get in touch with the right hosting providers to excellent the digital marketing game. The best statistics of digital marketing in India help you to make better decisions and improves lead generations.

Here Are The Top Web Hosting Digital Marketing Growth Statistics.

  • Videos are more effective for B2B marketing, due to the content, 70% of visitors were converted using quality leads.
  •  Content marketing is the best lead generation strategy for 88% of B2B marketers.
  •  WordPress is one of the most preferred choices for building websites.
  •  The highest number of users are from Asia whereas the hosting providers are majorly from North America.
  •  60% of online traffic is generated by mobile phone users.
  •  80% of the users in the U.S use the internet to buy online.
  •  People prefer to stay on a page only for 3 seconds. If the page loading speed is low, 40% of the consumers leave the site or look for alternate options.
  •  more than 50% of sites are hosted on Apache or Nginx. There are the best open-source servers.
  •  Every nation has the most loved hosting provider like it is GoDaddy in the U.S. 10. 93 % of the website traffic is derived by a search engine.

Source: Statista | Digitalvidya

Digital Marketing Growth Statistics

The Digital Marketing Statistics In India is changing due to the availability of the internet. Many small, as well as large-scale businesses, are reaping long-term benefits by applying the right strategies.

WordPress – Digital Marketing Growth Statistics 2022

The digital marketing statistics India 2022 is incomplete without mentioning the WordPress trends. WordPress plays a vital role when we say digital marketing growth statistics. Apart from being one of the best content management systems, WordPress is flourishing with millions of users each day. The interface is super friendly and it is free of cost.  The Digital Marketing Statistics In India is incomplete without mentioning WordPress.

As per the survey, WordPress is the best and biggest content management system, 77% of companies have implemented AI technologies.

  • The multipurpose theme is the biggest trendsetter in 2022.
  • 73 % of consumers prefer to interact via chat. The Live Chat and Chat Bots are trending in 2022 and are here to stay.
  • By end of 2022, voice search optimization will notice a hike of 30%.
  • Virtual reality (VR) technology provide competitive advantages and many medium scales and big business are adopting the trend.
  • When it comes to designing, 89% prefer to follow the minimalistic design and asymmetry trends 2022.
  • The Gutenberg editor is a game-changer with Drag-and-Drop Page Builder.
  • The video backgrounds will see rapid growth in 2022, all credit goes to the 5G revolution.
  • The safe and powerful e-commerce configuration is going to notice a steady growth in the year 2022.
  • The internet has advanced a lot, 3D in Web Design is going to trend in the coming years to design alluring looking websites.
  • WordPress is going to take added efforts toward the accessibility of websites.

Source: Statista | Sagipl

Social Media Marketing Statistics

Social media is a huge platform when it comes to expanding and creating brand awareness for an online business. In fact, social media is also a famous tool when we say the best digital marketing tools. Be it launching a new product or building a brand image, social media is the best and cheapest platform to expand a business. The best part is, social media strategies work for both small as well as big businesses. every other day, new platforms and new changes are made to make the user experience the best. Check out these best social media trends for your business.  When it comes to Digital Marketing Statistics In India, social media marketing plays a vital role.

  • Social media communities are gaining huge popularity and are one of the most trusted choices for brand
  • engagement,
  • Brands trust social media influencers and word-of-mouth marketing trends. The trend of reviews,
  • testimonials etc is going to see a huge hike in the year 2022.
  • More than 60% of consumers trust only the recommendation from family and friends rather than celebrity endorsements.
  • People prefer to interact with messenger apps. It will continue to evolve and trend in 2022.
  • More than picture content, video content tells millions of stories hence it is here to stay and flourish.
  • Instagram stories will continue to grow; it is one of the best choices to boost brand visibility.
  • Niche marketing is worth exploring and analyzing to stay ahead of the competition.
  • More than celebrity influencers, micro-influencers are trusted to boost brand engagement and lead generation.
  • Product recommendation is one of the best ways to become a market leader.
  • Social media marketing is being considered the most powerful tool of digital marketing. It is going to flourish in the coming years.

Source: Talkwalker | sannams4

Digital Marketing Statistics India 2022 – Paid Marketing Google Ad Words

Getting organic traffic is super difficult for any website. The online market is filled with a huge number of websites and for every business, there are tons of competition. No matter what premium tools you use for keyword research, SEO building, and managing social media, in the end, your efforts vanish in the air.  The Digital Marketing Statistics In India trends will help you to make better decisions for your business. The paid marketing google ad words is one of the best and most trusted solutions if you want to stay ahead in the business.

Here Is The Best-Paid Marketing Google Ad Words Trend Which You Should Not Miss In The Year 2022.

The search engineer marketing share value of google is almost 91% across the globe.
More than 15% of searches have not been searched on Google.
Each user usually does 4-5 searches each day on average.
Target CPA is one of the best and trending ways to generate leads and customers.
With targeted ROAS you can acquire the best return on your investment.
With paid google ad words you can increase your conversion rate; all you need is a smart bidding strategy.

Location intent searching, time-based searching is trending to get the right and relevant information. Local SEO and language-based searching is going to trend in the coming year, the bids can be adjusted using the interface language to gain maximum returns.

Google discovery and gallery ads encourage the user to get a personalized news feed on the mobile.
2 out of 5 people across the globe are interested in using the voice search option

Source: Statista | sokrati

Email Marketing Statistics In India 2022

Email remains one of the most trusted options to communicate with a mass audience in short time duration. 40% of people prefer to come out of social media platforms just to save time. During such a scenario, email marketing works as a savior. Email consistently remains one of the most trusted and top channels to get notifications about brands and offers. Here are the famous trends of Digital Marketing Statistics In India for email marketing.

Predictive email marketing has seen a huge hike in the year 2022 and it plays a vital role in digital marketing. It helps marketers with the better timing of emails.

  • The smarter spam filters protect spam and are also used to personalize the email.
  • The Brand Indicators for Message Identification are commonly used by brands to create authentication.
  • The quality has seen a huge hike and the email frequency has also considerably reduced.
  • 33% of consumers feel recommendations of products do not match their preferences.
  • More than 82% of consumers give importance to user-generated content and it provides benefits for email marketing.
  • The email should be optimized as per the device else the email goes into the trash.
  • Animated buttons and call to action increase visibility.
  • Compact emails with interactive images are given preference.
  • Sending email with polls, servery is a big no.

Source: Wishpond | Theseventhsense


The above-mentioned Digital Marketing Statistics in India will not only help your business but incorporating the right strategies will also boost lead generation. When the trend changes, it is always advisable to follow the change and add more value to your business.

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