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#1 How To Generate Leads For SEO Services – Workable SEO Tips And Tricks 2023

Generate Leads For SEO Services Setting up a business is not an easy task but also getting quality leads is the toughest. If you have a business it is a must to have a website in this digital era. Internet is the best source to generate a lead for your business but the biggest question is how to generate quality lead ?? If you have an SEO service or have recently started an SEO training agency, welcome to the competitive world. As a beginner, lead generation is the biggest task for the SEO agency. Gearing quality lead is no less than rocket science because people are not aware of your talent and proficiency.

How To Generate Leads For SEO Services

The endless cold emails and calls may go in vain because you do not know whom to contact. Here are the best tips and tricks which every SEO service should be well aware to generate quality lead and excel in the market. Generate Leads For SEO Services

01. Geo-Location And SEO Tracking – Generate Leads For SEO Services

SEO is vast, even if you have done and followed the best SEO training practice you may not get the right lead if SEO based location is not done properly. The primary goal of Google is to throw the most relevant and useful suggestions to the audience. SEO location-based customization can add more value to the lead generation process. Start with checking the website ranking in different geographic locations. For instance, if you are running a business in India and if you are target customers are in the UK then you need to work on the SEO accordingly so that customers while browsing in the UK get to see your website in their results.

  • Analyzing the competitors ranking
  • Check AdWords ads and positioning
  • Analyze the website ranking in various target geographic locations.

The GEO location-based SEO trainers helps the new SEO agencies to get customized and targeted leads. Due to the increase in the number of mobile users you are assured to get the best and filtered leads. With this, you also havethe option to exclude the location where the competition is high or nil.

02. Niche Based Services

Niche marketing is a huge thing in the internet world. Every business and brand wants to become the leader in its domain. There are many products and services which are needed by mass consumers but there are still certain services that are unusual. Marketing of the not-so-specific and unusual products and services is called niche marketing. The niche-based markets are small but can help your SEO agency get a target audience.

Some examples of niche-based services include Dental SEO, Plumber SEO, Interior Designer SEO, etc. Your agency can target the respective business and share the benefits of niche marketing. This will help the business to grow organically and the target business will also flourish.

03. Niche Services And Location

Another brilliant way to generate a lead for the SEO agency is to pitch in niche services and location-based targeting. If you know a business that is struggling to get quality visitors online, then the location and niche-based SEO services can add more value to the business. For an instance, there are two prominent Dental clinics in a city, people will only prefer to visit the Dental clinic which is nearby to their place. Here, the niche and location-based SEO service increase the growth of the business. As an SEO agency, you can help the business to stay ahead of their competitor and boost its revenue.

04. Contact Website Owners Via Smart Email Marketing

This is an effective way to generate leads for your SEO agency, email helps to keep the conversation simple and to the point. But, each and every day most of the business receives hundreds and hundreds of emails. People especially business owners are extremely intolerant towards spam emails because they got no time. Here are some pointers to keep in mind while sending emails to the business owners.

  • Creativity
  • Personalization
  • Acceptable approaches
  • Workable solutions.

Design an email and share findings of the business website. Discuss the workable solutions and strategies to bring the business from the 5th page of google to the 1st page. Create an engaging format rather than including plain texts. Split the requirements and strategies into groups so that they can focus on which work best for them. You can start with your location to find the business owners who want to incorporate SEO and generate quality organic leads for their business.

05. Video Audit

If you are planning to pitch in a business, then it is a must for you to share the relevant data, findings, and details report. The video audit along with email is one of the best sales pitches. Using a video audit is a smarter way to engage the prospect, you can get quick attention and video is the easiest way to consume information. The video audit allows the business owner to quickly learn what information you

want to communicate. Here are the benefits of using video adult along with the email

  • Convincing as compared to cold calling
  • Build authentic and long term relationship
  • Winning the first impression
  • Looks credible and CTA can be taken

06. Online Directories

Traditionally Yellow page is a bible for all the individuals and businesses who are planning to generate quality leads. To get the best leads for the SEO agencies, look for yellow pages and target the business quickly. Yellow pages are now completely digital, offers a huge platform for mobile users, it is a trustworthy option to generate reliable local, regional, and international leads. Similar to yellow pages you can also look for leads in Yahoo directories, AboutUs, Blogarama, Yelp, Foursquare,,

To make the most of online directories, follow the below mentioned

  • Use relevant keywords
  • Do niche-based searching
  • Analyze competition of top business
  • Check for the ratings and reviews

07. Add Case-Studies Pages

This is another workable solution to fetch quality leads. A detailed case study helps the business owner to have a better understanding of the market. The case study can include details like PPC, methods to retain the customer, building trust, boosting brand value. As an SEO agency, you can showcase the successful business which has been benefited you. The growth of the business after taking your service works as a decision-making tool. While pitching the business owner, always include the case studies, this will give them a better understanding.

08. Offer A Free Audit Tool

This is one of the popular tricks used by SEO agencies. You can showcase the real-time data to potential customers. With a free audit tool, you can convince them in a better way to try out your professional services. You can show what your agency can do to their business and how exactly they can reap the benefit. Create a quick audit on their website, show them the detailed report. Explain what are the issues and how they can be fixed using smart SEO strategies. Once the business owner realizes you can add value to their business and help them to grow, you have a new customer.

09. Facebook Ads

Almost everyone is using Facebook in this techno-savvy work. The same applies to business owners and potential customers as well. Facebook ads are one of the brilliant and unique ways to approach business owners. You can also run lead generation Facebook ads to drive in niche specific potential customers. By running customized Facebook ads, you can tap the business owners and explain about your SEO agency’s USP.

By discussing smart ways and strategies, you can help their business to excel in the market. Look for a business that is not in the competition, this will increase your lead conversion chances. Create irresistible special offers for new customers and always share your success stories. Running a Facebook ad is a low-cost investment to generate the best lead. Here are some additional pointers, which can help Facebook to generate quality lead for your SEO agency

  • Set up a chatbot for a quick response
  • Post credible content like video and webinars
  • Create a business page

10. Google My Business Page

Almost all the businesses are today listed on Google’s my business page. It is one of the vast areas where you can look for leads for your SEO agency. The GMB provides details like phone number, social media handles, website details, working hours, etc of the business. This works as first-hand data to contact the prospective client. You can reach out to the business owners who are on 5-7 page and share strategies to bring them on top of search engine result pages. Use the right keywords to find the suitable lead, connect the GMB with Google analytics, and capitalize on the leads.


The above-mentioned tips and tricks can help the SEO agency to generate a quality lead. The initial lead identification can be tough for all the budding SEO services but once you have the list of happy clients, the word to mouth publicity can boost your business.

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